Play Group – Grade 2

Your little one is just starting school, the most important step in his or her life. At Wycherley International School, our curriculum in the early years provides a creative and stimulating environment, where young children thrive and grow. Reading, Writing and Working with Numbers in a group, helps them to develop alongside with Storytelling, Art and Craft and Music.

Our classrooms are decorated, using colourful child-friendly themes such as fairytale castles, underwater wonders, forests and beehives, creating a stimulating environment, which encourages learning. At Wycherley, the emphasis is on working independently as well as in teams, using the latest ICT tools available, encouraging children to harness their natural curiosity to learn. Your child will be welcomed warmly by trilingual teachers who will readily empathies and make your child feel at home right from the very first day. The school adapts an open door policy, which enables you to meet teachers conveniently and be assured about your child’s progress.

Parents can meet the class teachers or the subject teachers by making a prior appointment with the school office. They could also meet them on Parent’s Days that are run once a term. The children are imbibed into curriculum features from Day 1. That helps in a smooth process of absorption and growth.

Apart from formative education, they have activities for every religious event, an art exhibition, Kids activity day, a mini concert etc. All these open the little ones into new vistas of learning. The little kids then are able to open their sights into many facets that help them to go forward.

In the Elementary section, they start learning numbers, alphabets etc which stretch on to the concept of Reading, Writing, Comprehension, along with simple Additions, Subtractions etc, which all get them ready to go into the next phase of their student activities.