Student Facilities & Services

  • Singing and Dancing Rooms
  • Elementary , Primary and Junior Art Rooms
  • Science Laboratories

The Junior school consists of a Science Laboratory where all students from Grade 3 – 8 are encouraged to participate in Science practicals with the guidance of the teachers in charge, as a part of their learning.

The Senior School has three purpose built laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All practical classes for students who are following these subjects are conducted in these Laboratories.

  • Computer Laboratory

The Junior School and the Senior School is equipped with 2 Computer Laboratories. They are well equipped for hands-on learning for children in both the schools. The computers are also classified according to the child’s age, ensuring that learning is within reach and easily understood, so that young minds are able to quickly absorb what technology offers.

  • Reference Library and Reading Room

The school boasts of well- stocked libraries, filled with books which will help maximise your child’s learning. In order to ensure that children are able to easily access literature that is best suited to their age. The school has separate libraries for the Elementary, Junior and Senior Sections. In addition, students from Grade 3 to 8 also enjoy the facilities of a lending library where they can borrow books to take home for reading. This is on a once- a- week basis.

  • Play Grounds & Sand pit for Play Group Children
  • Basketball Court
  • Auditorium
  • Sick Room, Nurse on duty & an on call Ambulance Service
  • Canteen