Grade 6 – Grade 8

As students of the Primary School progress on to the Junior School, they reach the academic competence level that covers Grade 6, 7 and 8. Here they learn the basics of assuming responsibilities as young individuals.

The parallel classes are designed to cultivate equal outputs; students make a transition from Social Studies in the Primary School to History and Geography in the Junior School. Similarly they pursue Science as it branches into Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

At the end of the academic year, the students of Grade 8 sit for the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination in the 3 main subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. They receive their results from Cambridge with an Assessment for each child along with an achievement score sheet.

This is the point where the students can decide whether they want to direct their career towards Science, Commerce, Arts or Languages groupings as they reach Grade 9.

This change is intended to build them in readiness for the exam oriented classes of Grade 9 to 12. A Headmistress, Class Teachers and Subject Teachers handle all aspects of work and discipline. Junior Prefects are selected from Grade 8 in order to help out in the manifold activities in the school. This is the training ground for them to take up responsibilities. The termly Parents’ days are an opportunity for parents to meet teachers and check on all aspects of the progress of their children. This is also a forum for them to get to work with the school, as the school does look for a constant Parent- Teacher- Child relationship.