Grade 3 – Grade 5

Having spent an approximate 6 years in the Elementary section, the kids now move into the Primary School. – which is the Grade 3- 5 arena. The knowledge and basics of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Art and Craft Skills, have all been given to them. With that basic foundation and understanding the children move into Grade 3.

Now they feel that they are growing up, with only one class teacher and about 14 subjects to handle, where they meet many a subject teacher giving them the tinge of growing up.

Subjects are now eared into English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer, Elocution, Art, Singing and Dancing etc which are all meant to make them more rounded in their aptitudes.

Class assemblies which are conducted once a month by each class gives the opportunity to pull out latent talents in the children in Music, Song, Dance and Drama. Being on stage also gives a kick to their personality development and build up of confidence.,

They now get into an Inter House Competitive arena for the Swimming Meet and the Athletic Meet which are held annually. “Cultural Day is also an Anuual Event and helps to focus and develop their talents. Parents Days are conducted once a term, so that it enables parents to connect with the teachers in order to find out about the progress that their children are making. If the parents have a need to meet any teacher other than on Parents Day, they could do so by prior appointment through the school office.

The Cambridge curriculum which was adopted in the UKG (Year 1) is now continued in the Primary section, laying emphasis on English, Mathematics and Science, apart from the other subjects that are worked concurrently. At grade 5 (year 6) the children have their first taste of an International Examination in the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examination. The essence of this is the preparation for them to have transition into the next level which is Secondary 1.